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Speaking the truth means speaking from your heart

Speaking the truth means speaking from your heart

Speaking the truth means speaking from your heart. Far too many people in our world speak only in the words, they know, the people around them, want to hear. They use their words to manipulate & control rather than to express their true feelings & build the kind of understanding that always leads to greater love.?

In using words that do not reflect what they really mean or how they truly feel, they live their lives in a state of spiritual dishonesty. Only by speaking the truth- your truth, what you truly feel, believe & know, you will be in a position to be the leader that you are destined to be. ?

I find a great difficulty in understanding why do so many of us want to fit into people’s lives, into a kind of community/group or into the society so much, that we start speaking as they do & as they would want us to speak, to be somewhat accepted by them & by the society. I want to genuinely rise up a question within your being ‘Is your self-worth only this much, that you’ll only settle when you’ll get acceptance by the society & the people of it?’ ?

I believe in none of us is born to impress or fit into any place, we’re all here to stand out in our own ways & our own fields with our own uniqueness. And all you need is your own acceptance for self & not of anyone else’s or for anyone else. Please do figure out your & your self-worth because it is going to take you a long way. ?‍♀️

As at the end if you’re able to do what you wanted to or felt to do is when you do justice to yourself & your existence on this beautiful earth. Speak your truth, even when your voice cracks. ❤️✨

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Being Good

Being Good

Be your own kind of Strong, Fearless and Beautiful.!???

Being a good person does not depend on your religion or status in life, your race or skin colour, political views or culture. It depends on how good you treat others.

We are all born to do something great. Whether that be to grow up and become a doctor and save the lives of thousands of people, run a marathon, win the Noble Peace Prize, or be the greatest mother or father for your own future children one day. Regardless, WE ARE ALL BORN WITH A PURPOSE. But in between birth and death lies a path that life paves for us; a path that we must fill with something that gives our lives meaning.?❤️

However, there are times where the obstacles of life seem to get the best of us and we often let it go to heart. And by obstacles, I mean people who often take advantage of mistreating others. But, instead of taking each and every negative thing or action that happens to you as a personal attack on your character, remember one thing: YOU’RE A GOOD PERSON.!??❤️

It’s so important to remember that you’re a good person and you don’t deserve to be treated or feel like otherwise. The biggest problem that people often face is that struggle of others taking advantage of you and your good heart. But, don’t let this get the best of you. Instead, let it be a lesson for you to realize that not everyone will truly appreciate your kindness and those are the people whom you should eliminate from your life, forever.?❌

No matter how many people try to tell you otherwise, never change who you are for anyone. Keep doing things for other people out of the goodness of your heart, not for the sole purpose to please others. It’s so important to stay true to who you are in order to serve as a role model for those who look up to you. Even though you may not realize it, you serve a huge significance in someone else’s life where they feel as if they have been influenced by the person you are to the point, where he or she only aspires to be as good of a person as you.?❤️

I also know there are times where being a good person seems like the worst possible thing; almost as if it’s a trait that works completely against you. There are times where people walk all over you, or not include you in their plans, or maybe act like you don’t even exist because you’re just convenient to them when they need you. Those are the worst kinds of people. But you need to remember something, you matter. You treat people the way you would want to be treated and that is one of the biggest indicators that you are human in the sense that you see the goodness in others as well.??

Being a good person is a lot more than what others seem to give you credit for. People don’t understand that those like us whom have good hearts and are just always there for other people, have to deal with a lot of negativity because people tend to associate kindness with weakness. But actually, it’s the complete opposite. When you’re a good person, you are the strongest type of person there is. You are the one who people confide in whenever they need comfort or advice. You are the one who your friends come to whenever they have good or bad news.?

At the end of the day, you are the one to whom people will always be thankful for because their lives wouldn’t be the same without you.❤️

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All you need is Love: Self-Love

Be You

Be your own kind of Strong, Fearless and Beautiful!

This life is too short to wait and waste, to be the best version of “YOU”. Be someone that makes “YOU” happy. Let “YOUR” light shine. Do what “YOU” love, what “YOU” want. Make “YOURSELF” a priority!

“YOU” is a powerful word, a whole person and a whole life, in just three letters. You’ve been sent on this planet for yourself, you’ve come here to love your goodness, your kindness, your success, your strengths, you’ve come here to fight your demons, accept your failures and your weaknesses. You’re here for Yourself, for “YOU”.

You need to prioritize yourself, your life, your happiness, your success, and everything that you care about and that you like. You’ve to learn to love yourself, you’ve to learn to give yourself time, attention, appreciation, you need to pamper yourself, you have to give yourself all the good things that you deserve. You need to put yourself over everything and everyone at any situation and at any circumstance.

Putting yourself first is not selfish; it’s self-love. Until and unless you can’t learn self-love, you can’t learn anything else in this life, because at the end, you’re your longest commitment. To love someone else, you first need to love yourself and your life will only get better when you will get better.!! Just love yourself and see how everyone and everything starts loving you back.!❤️

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“Kuch toh log kahenge; Logo ka kaam hai kehna..” this is literally my favorite line of the song. As we grow up we see, hear and even feel tons of criticism, tons of faulty things, either about others or about ourselves.

The major mistake that we often tend to make is that we start reacting to that criticism, if not openly in public, then privately. We take the faulty things and that criticism to our hearts and we start to work, we work harder to prove ourselves, and we try to prove ourselves, to the people who criticize us, we try to tell them that we are good and that we are better than what they think of us, we try to tell them that we could do anything. We thrive to make and prove the those people wrong, who criticized us.

I’ll tell you one thing- anyone who criticizes any other fellow being for any particular thing, is himself/herself having that issue, that fault & that phase in his/her life, that he/she has been criticizing others for. And it is them who need to work and work harder to improve themselves and not you, because you are absolutely fine and you have been doing really great all this while and all these years. They have be criticizing everyone around, just so that they could avoid and ignore the faults that lay with in them, the issues that they are facing, the phases of life that they are going through and the sufferings they have been experiencing. But it is not their fault, entirely, they too are victims, they are ‘victims of victims’. They act as per what they have been seeing and experiencing for whole of their lives, and they have got it all from the people, who have been acting as per what they have seen and experienced for whole of their lives. You see it is a never ending chain.

But I feel, in the battle of other people, who are intending to grow, evolve or trying to fight their own devils and demons, it is actually not very wise to lose yourself, for them. So for you, I need you to know and to genuinely believe that you were born perfect and that you are perfect, you were born with a purpose to fulfill in life, and if you go on proving yourself to people, that are not even content with their own self, you’ll just waste your time and your life.

Just stop wearing the pressure of proving yourself to anyone because you have a different purpose to fulfill, for which you have been sent on this planet, and your reason or purpose could definitely be different from that of others. So you do not have to attend and react to what people think about you or say about you because this stops at nowhere, there is always more to prove and eventually you will forget who you actually are in this crazy process of proving yourself to other people. ❤️

Just stop for a while. Stop pushing and proving and wishing that people would see you the way, you think, you need to be seen, to succeed. Instead, let them see you for what you actually are. Once you stop proving yourself, you can be yourself !!! ❤️

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Balance Your Life by Letting Go of the Toxicity

Letting Go

Let go of things that you can’t change, and hold on to the ones that are worth living for.

We often tend to be stuck at people, things, situations, just because we were/are attached or we were/are a part of it. But, clinging or sticking around something or someone won’t help, it won’t change any of it which has already gone too far out of your control. Letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring about things, it means you have stopped forcing something into your as well as the life of others, when things aren’t going the way they should be.

Sometimes things need to be let go of, if it’s meant to be it will happen again, when the time is right. My grandmother used to tell me a story when I used to cry/crib about my broken toys and lost things, as a kid. She used to tell me that- being an innocent, little child, you deliberately hold on to your broken toys, because it is your favorite. While God is wanting to gift you a big giant teddy bear, and you’re unwilling to accept it for your broken toy.

Sometimes letting go means opening the gateways of new ventures, better things, better people, better opportunities, better life, and all the good things that you’re unwilling to accept, for your broken toys. Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength, but I think if something is really, heavenly meant for you, you’ll never need to hold on to it, it’ll just be there with you, for you, and the need for letting go of it, would not even arrive at your door.

It is high time that we see and seek for the sign of what is meant for us and accept completely and fully, what we have right now, let go of whatever we had in the past, and have faith and acceptance for what is to come our way. Because sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go, and when the damage done, it becomes very difficult to recover from it all.

Holding on to something just because it has your time, love and efforts invested, would not take you any further but it’ll just consume you completely. So, you need to let go of all the attachments and set yourself free. Today is your day to let go of all that doesn’t serve you good.