From the Founder Director’s Desk

From the Founder Director’s Desk: 

YOLO stands for You Only Live Oncewhy not live in full awareness, excitement, joy and potential?

​Human brain has immense potential; it is too precious a resource to waste. We humans do not even know our true capabilities. Have we ever found how much is our IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ? (Intelligence quotient, Emotional Quotient, Creative Quotient, Adversity Quotient). Have we ever tried to find out about our self – what we actually like, are we in line with that and what options will give us sure shot good results because of our inborn inclination and capability towards those? When we do not know about ourselves then how do we claim to know about our children or more precisely how will we guide them as parents? 

When we travel by air we are instructed by the crew – ‘in case of emergency wear your own oxygen mask first then help your fellow passengers’ …Yes, dear friends it is of utmost importance to know your own ‘self’, be aware of ‘who I am’‘what is my inborn strength and potential’, or ‘what is my life purpose’. We can guarantee that if each person discovers about himself and go with the flow, our planet would become a far better place to live and cherish.

We at YOLO Lights are here to assist you in your journey of life; we have the tools and methods to make you aware of your own potential and capabilities. 

Mid Brain Activation is one favourite program of ours; this is the program that has personally delighted me as I could see instant result. When I got introduced to midbrain activation; I immediately flew my daughter out for it and I was awe struck at the results; YES, her midbrain had got activated and she could actually read books, identify colors, exhibit telepathy, color and draw blindfolded. I am so delighted and my joy has no bounds when I see her reflexes improvedecision making ability improve, her studies have become easy and effortless, she always has time for her favourite dance class & comedy show, she can now wake up without any alarm, is energetic and focussed and I see her becoming a much happier child. Her intrapersonal & interpersonal skills too have improved tremendously. On her own she went ahead and struck her name off the gardening club at her school and joined the psychology club (to be honest at her age I wouldn’t have spelt psychology properly…lol). Like a doting mom I proudly watch the twinkle in her eye and commend myself on ‘gifting the best gift’ of her lifetime. 

There are 8 types of intelligence and approx. 19 sub intelligence; there are 4 different kinds of personalities and many more dimensions. We can also support you in finding out if your child is – investigative, artistic, enterprising, social, holds another dominant characteristics; his/her SWOT; what kind of a learner your child is; and most importantly we can suggest you on what best career he/she will blossom in; or what remedial measures can be adopted; all this, not by our judgement or random questionnaire filling but scientifically proven tool of finger print analysis. We all know we have 10 fingers which have unique fingerprints and all 10 prints are direct impressions of 10 lobes in our brain. In developed countries parents go for fingerprint analysis of their 1-2 month old infants to be able to nurture them aptly. This test is just done once in a lifetime; the earlier the better (check out Dermatoglyphics sections of the site).​

Do have a look at ‘YOLO Ace Cosmos’ section; where concepts – Theta healing, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Science behind Prayer, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Angel Interventions, Free will, Life Purpose Readings and more interesting  topics have been discussed and the workshop details shared. 

We the YOLO Lights team envision to facilitate every child and individual to explore his/her full potential. We have the tools to facilitate you; visit our Portfolio to find out about all the programs; our workshop formats are creatively designed after much research and consultation. Experience it.  Gift the best gift to yourself and your child !! 

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