Conversations with Lord Jesus

Conversations with Lord Jesus

Conversations with Lord Jesus,

I generally talk to him like a friend or family member. Until now it had gone into handwritten diaries, (earlier I wasn’t even writing, was just listening).

For the first time putting together the latest conversation in typo.
If you are reading it, it has something for you to take away from it personally.
Love & Gratitude !!!

April 22, 2020 – COVID-19 (What is this Virus-Why has the Pandemic Occurred?)

Jesus please tell me about Corona, what is this virus about and what all confusion is happening on the planet?

Corona has come to clean the planet Earth. It has come to make people understand the value of life and safety. It has come to kill the ego, the Human Ego that had bloated to high order.

Is it synthetic, made in China labs to attack other countries?
No, China may have had the intention of doing such thing but this virus is beyond their or anybody’s perception. In fact they are as shocked and as puzzled as rest of the world is.

What is the plan?
The plan is to have a new Earth- Glowing, Beautiful and High Vibrational. All those those people who have left were either vibration on frequencies which were not serving them or they very quickly wanted to switch their vibrations energetically.
What about the earlier prophesy Goa is safe and will remain  safe through.
Nowhere can be safe, but precautions of keeping into higher frequencies have to be continuously taken, but…

Lord you said all will be wiped out, in and around my hometown and North India?
Yes, I am saying that everything that is at low vibration will be wiped out completely- places, people. If the entire area of your hometown is vibrating at low frequency then whole area will be wiped out. If not then those will be saved who are at different vibrations.

Those who love you will be saved?
No, those who understand my love and instructions to them and follow them and not keep on talking-talking and not opening their ears, those who listen to me  and adhere to it will be saved and rest not.
Rest will be called back to shift because Earth is suffocated and loaded. It needs relief from such heaviness and dense energies.
You know it all- see you were yourself talking about greed, lack, separation between souls and energies. Unity and oneness are totally missing.

But Jesus don’t you talk about unconditional love to all?
Yes, out of unconditional love these souls are picked up. In the coming times, these will not be able to survive any which way.
Jesus my heart pains to see so many people to die. Helplessness prevails many a times.

See this is not the first time any pandemic  has occurred. Earlier too Earth shifted and  a lot of changes happened and people died in masses in the history.

Secondly, it is okay if your heart pains for fellow beings. But who said death is separation? Death is painful? Do you understand death?

Death is when people leave their low functional bodies and environments to attain high level of self growth.

What can we do for all these people?
You can just send them blessings and love. You can just fill your hearts with love.!

April 21, 2020– (Who was Jesus – What is Christ Consciousness)

April 21, 2020– (Who was Jesus – What is Christ Consciousness)

Lord Jesus Christ, I am pointed out somewhere that you were an avatar of Vishnu. Can you please tell me the truth?

Whom are you calling Vishnu, I don’t know. Who I am, I can tell you.

Please tell me Jesus? And please explain to me what is Christ Consciousness in a way that I understand it?

I came to earth as a funnel to download Christ Consciousness – that were huge energetic thought-patterns spread around in the entire universe.


By funnel I mean I channeled all of it to the planet earth, crisply and accurately. As through me the entire consciousness descended upon earth thence people call it Christ Consciousness.

So what exactly do I understand about Christ Consciousness?

Christ Consciousness implies ‘LOVE – THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’
and TOTAL ACCEPTANCE of each & everything that you may grade – good & bad, evil & sacred, black & white, dark & bright or whatever you consider poles apart or opposites. Unconditionally loving mean you accept that dark exists with bright but you still love it unconditionally WITHOUT SEPARATION or SEGREGATION.

Now, nobody and nothing is ever forced in Love or forced to love… love cannot be forced therefore this comes along with FREE-WILL or CHOICE.

So the whole Christ Consciousness is about Choosing to love unconditionally with total acceptance of all dimensions, all aspects and all attributes of people, animals, life, situations, equations, places & emotions.

It is total acceptance of all parts of You with love & honor.

So what does it imply to humanity?

For humanity Christ Consciousness simply implies – Absolute practice of free will to choose unconditional love above all, so much so that every other being becomes (is recognized as) an extension of You without any separation as ONE.

Love dissolves all barriers is what you often quote & write, isn’t it?
Yes you are right, it does.
So, barriers on acceptance of all aspects/attributes of yourself and others are dissolved if you operate from Christ Consciousness.

That sounds clear Jesus, so if I may summarize what I understand is, You (Jesus Christ) are the channel & funnel to download Christ Consciousness on earth. Christ Consciousness is practicing of free will to choose unconditional love over everything else, totally accept the duality in all its form & still extend unconditional love to self & others, so much that there is no separation left & all become One. Am I right there Jesus?

Yes… that is perfect.

Awesome … this sounds clear
Thank you Jesus for explaining to me in such simple manner.

I love You
I love you too !!

April 20, 2020 – (Jesus Inspiring women, Women & Money, Spiritual Liberation, Balancing Energies)

Please tell me, Jesus- my friend, what is the message for me today?


And what do you mean by Liberation?

Liberate yourselves from need, want, & worry of several things. Let’s start with money. Human kind is missing out a lot because of constantly worrying for money.

On surface levels, Bible is read & quoted in churches and elsewhere “When these birds who sow & reap nothing are thriving and surviving…. when the lilies grow & bloom freely…then will I not take care of your well being …”

But if you put your heart to it and genuinely look inwards, you people don’t believe & trust me. You ‘say’ but you don’t ‘accept’ it that my grace is enough for you.

You my sweetie are also & often fall into that swinging pattern of worry & non-worry, but I truly love you for your unwavering faith & amazing courage that you display.

I wish all the women look at you & learn from you on this front.

What are they worried?

I know & understand that for ages you all are dominated, suppressed, beaten, broken, tormented, made to produce kids like machines & cater to the progeny for the species to move on & sustain human race.

But do you also know that immense power has developed beneath all of this. It is like boiling water, had been covered with heavy lid & so much of steam is created that can burst off the lid & vessel itself. But you can also not deny that you did not stand up for yourself. What happened for ages & generations, you let it happen for ages & generations.

So what could have women done to avoid it?

What they could have done is no more relevant. What can they do now, is of utmost importance.

What they can do now?

Just liberate yourselves. Spiritual Liberation. Nothing will move, nothing will change, nothing will work until you all get there. Spiritually liberated power factories throbbing on planet Earth.

Time has come to play the role, to take the string in your hands. Be courageous and thrive on faith & inner confidence. And we see to it, who stops you. You will be power houses because you are so strong, innately strong. Do you know woman has more, much more power than any living being on Earth?

No, I am not asking you to unite, get into groups exhibit your powers or challenge men around or be feminists & this & that, what all terms you people have created on Earth.

I am telling you to find your own power and fuel your spiritual fire.

This is the way out.

You never had to compete with men or women. You never had to prove yourselves to the world. Just embrace your spiritual glory & world will recognize this DIVA.

Say a YES to yourself, I am backing every woman out there. I will back each woman out there, who understands & accepts the glory of being a woman.

 Do you know why you were sent to Earth in a woman’s body?

Because women bring so much more experienceswomen have the capability to evolve faster, women are born leaders, women can just fly on the two wings of spiritual abundance and material abundance, still ‘LOVE’ being their driving force.

Now, those women who are earning livelihoods for their families, if they believe and trust me for what I say; will never have to worry for money energy.

If they have the courage and faith to take a pledge “I will never work for money”

Yes, I say this Loud & Clear, if you have courage and take this pledge to never again work or do any inspired work you are guided to do, for money, then I ensure you – streams of money I will open up into your lives & homes.

Firstly, because you will handle it well. Secondly because you were not sent on earth to slog, compete & burn yourselves out for money.

You are our ambassadors. We work through you. We love you. We take care of you.

You know it well, but never learnt from it that the projects you pushed forward for money weren’t as successful as the stuff you did just for the ‘love’ of doing it.

These are the lessons we bring and experiences you all need to look and learn from.

Liberate yourselves from proving yourself to the world. Just sing, laugh, giggle and with utmost ease do what you are inspired or guided to do. All that looks easy & joyful to you. You are already a winner there. Automatically things will fall in place. If you are connected to us, we are connected and concerned about your glory. We make sure that your light shines the way you want it.

Remember, you are playing a very very important role on the face of earth and you are very valuable.

Now also understand that ‘HOT’ can not cool ‘HOT’

Very chilly food cannot be made milder by adding more chilly to it.

So…already so much of masculine energy is available on earth. Women adding more of it and killing (supresing) their beautiful feminine energies by enhancing more of masculine energies with=in themselves is creating lot of imbalance.

We don’t want more angry women, more steam to suppress the male energies instead work more on your feminine energies.

Understand that FEMININE ENERGIES ARE NOT WEAK ENERGIES; they are stronger than Masculine energies in many ways.

So, liberate yourselves from this power-play.

I love you. You are my shinning star.

I have huge hope on you. I am standing behind you always just remember that.

I love you too Jesus. You are my Sun !!!

APRIL 17, 2020 – (Self Love)

Lord Jesus please teach me self-love, I don’t know how to love myself, I really want to love myself but I don’t know how to do that.

Before taking any action stop and ask yourself will this bring joy to me and my body?

Just forget what is right and what is wrong. Just ask joy or not?
And you very well know what joy is, how joy feels inside you, you had been through lot of joy the laughter meditation, the gibberish and what not?

WILL THIS BRING JOY TO ME? Just don’t even worry about the repercussions or what will this one say, that one say. Just plain simple joy.

So be it …..X, be it …..Y, be it eating …..Z, be it sitting quiet, be it indiscipline.

Yes… Lord I think I am too in-disciplined

If discipline is bringing you No JOY then rather be undisciplined !!

Keep placing yourself on the top.
Keep talking to your body, only and only this body is given to you and you are sent on this Earth. No clothes, no jewels, no fame, no name, no money, no shame, no need of companion etc. etc.

You were just sent alone only with this body. Now you’ve forgotten this body and do everything for your brain, your name, fame, others, connection, guidance, showing off to the world, declaring to the world, writing it on the websites, writing it on posts, desiring everybody reads and likes it.

You all devise your self-proclaimed designations– life coach, transformation coach, healer, this & that. Immediately start telling people what you think and what you feel.

Never sit and ponder on that what we feel and what we “think”.

For you all I say, just simply remove word ‘thinking’ from your vocabulary; pause & stop to THINK for a while.

Pay attention to what your stomach is talking to you, pay attention to what your breasts are talking to you. Heal yourselves in true manner and then we will tell you what to do further .

Why showing off brings joy to people, including me (sometimes)? Why do all want to write it on Facebook etc for all people to read?

Because you all yourselves don’t read, you all are in hurry to show it to the world that you are so pure and great a channel that you are channeling the great ones and they are talking to you and you are on a high pedestal, to portray it to the world.

But the fact is I will speak to every heart if anybody thinks of himself great or not so great, a coach or a layman.

Why do you all think that society’s burden is on your shoulders? Who gave you that notion?

Every little flower has its connect to meevery soul born on this earth has its connect to us, you are not responsible for anyone.

Yes, you were praying for all corona hit people, that is cute of you, that is called compassion for fellow beings but the moment you started worrying and commanding the virus to die, you started interfering in the process of life. To your shock that virus also has its connect to us. It is doing exactly what it is supposed to do and it is doing a very good job because it is just bothered about itself. If all of you also just be bothered about your own self then the job is done.

Before any message is given to you read it thrice, meditate upon it, fully ensure that the guidance received has been followed impeccably and you have done the work.

Until the work has been 100% done on yourself, you have no right to make that conversation public.

Let them receive their own messages, for example- We told someone about unconditional love to your own-self;

now has that person ensured that unconditional love is flowing through his body and being? Has he started unconditionally loving himself?

And if he couldn’t do so then why were, one of us, not approached again to ask how unconditional love works? Because you all are in a hurry to launch yourselves, showoff your knowledge and capacity.

Okay Lord I am sorry, I understand what you say. So teach me unconditional love.

First of all truly love your body, take off, yes take off all your clothes and stand in front of the mirror, this is how I sent you on the earth, now part by part start loving your body. Do the mastery on unconditionally loving your body, every part of your body, then we will reveal many other things to you.

Thank You Lord I Love You !!

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