Know Theta Healing

What is Theta Healing ?

Theta Healing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with a focussed prayer through the creator. When we connect to the creator of all that is, our brain waves automatically go into a theta state of mind. In this mindstate, you can create anything and change reality instantly. The creator has freely given us the fascinating knowledge that has changed many lives.

What are different Brain Waves?

There are five frequencies of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma. These brain waves are constantly in motion since the brain is consistently producing waves at all frequencies. One frequency dominates at any given situation:

Delta : 0-4 HZ (Deep Sleep)
Theta :
4-7 Hz (Very Deep State of Relaxation)
Alpha :
7- 14 Hz (Relaxed Meditative State)
Beta :
14- 28 Hz (Active & Alert, Thinking and Talking)
Gamma :
28 – 5000 Hz (Higher Mental Activity)

What do we learn in Theta Healing?

Students learn the way to reach the Theta State and connect to the creator of all that is, how to co-create with the creator, and how to project consciousness (remote viewing). Students also learn DNA activation, the intuitive body scan, giving future reading, contacting guardian angels, co-creating a healing, and changing belief systems through the power of creator. In advanced level it is taught how to get rid of ancestoral, childhood, history level, soul level beliefs that do not allow you to forge ahead in life. Some people get so disheartened, tough, or traumatized as a child or get ‘lost’ in the drama of this existence they never feel and experience the energy of certain feelings in their livesThese feelings are taught to the person – to experience joy, to love, to be loved, feel rich, feel beautiful, feel valued, feel respected, feel inner joy, feel happiness and hundreds of such feelings. So that when with the help of creator of all, they manifest blessings in their lives they can actually recognize and relish the manifestations. 

By Holding Theta State :

You can create anything and change anything instantly.

Theta is the first stage of dream state.
Theta is the state used in hypnosis.
Theta can be thought of as the subconscious.
Theta holds memories and sensations.
Theta governs attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours.
Theta is creative, inspirational, and very spiritual.
Theta allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind.

Can anyone do this?
Absolutely! There is however one requirement with this technique: you must have a central belief in the Creator of All That is, of creator, of God.

Theta Healing has no religious affiliations. The process of Theta Healing is not specific to any age, sex, race, creed, or religion. You will find that it will appeal to most belief systems.

The Creator has many different names – God, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, Yahweh, Heavenly Father/Mother, Allah are all currents in a flow towards the seventh plane of existence and creative energy of All that is.  

Theta Healing Workshops are:   Basic (3 days); Advanced (3 days). 

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