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My son Nishant, 13 yrs, was going through his set of problems. He was lacking confidence, he used to sit in his room and sulk, and he was not wanting to make any friends; His studies were sliding down, he was barely scraping through his exams especially in Mathematics he was barely passing through. He flunk once or twice but this time in his unit test he is so confident that he says he will score 100% ... THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE THIS (BRAIN EDUCATION) PROGRAM HAS MADE.

With this course there is a SEA-CHANGE IN HIS CONFIDENCE, he has become more lively. He goes out to play everyday and make new friends. He has started writing poetry and even his grades have improved. His teachers have started praising him for doing better in class and they are actually asking him whether he is the one who is doing all these exams. He is also standing up in his class taking initiatives and take new tasks from his teachers.

*So all in all, this whole program (by Yolo Lights) has been a BLESSING for him*.

I would suggest that all the parents who are struggling with their kids, especially the ones going through teenage crisis should do this program. It will really really pull them through and THEY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

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Dr Rajan
Dr. Rajan Gottra
Senior Doctor (Anesthesia) at Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi & Noida
I took healing session with Mridula Mam. Am so happy in one session itself so many emotional issues got resolved and I felt so light as if huge rock has been removed from my heart & shoulder. I could also see so much of light as we were in healing session. Mridula Mam is a God sent angel on earth. She gives such nice advice and really genuinely help people. I am so grateful for this powerful healing.
Sudhanshu Singhwal
If you are looking to do brain education in real sense this is the only place that I would suggest, across country. I had researched about midbrain activation looked around for several months and spoken to various ppl doing midbrain across country. But Yolo Lights is the only place I could finally zero down. And I am so happy at my decision. Mridula is a very spiritual & genuine person. Just coming near her aura gives so much of positive vibes, peace & joy. Two day workshop is a lifetime memory for me as on the first day itself I could read colors blindfolded & started doing Telepathy. I was actually shocked at this wonder. Later I find so many positive changes in myself. I have become so intuitive and my brain has become extremely sharp. Assignments at my office that took so long earlier, I am able to do so very quickly. Most importantly I have become a very happy person. I am very thankful to God for connecting me to Mridula at Yolo Lights Mind Academy.
I attended adult Midbrain Activation 2-day Course organised by Yolo Lights last year and I am amazed at the results & changes in me. My memory has become so good and I am very calm most of time, earlier I used to be very restless and get worried and jittery. My anger is also under control. I am so happy that I took the decision of doing this course.
Abhishek Khanna
Senior School Teacher
It was an amazing workshop. Am so surprised at the miraculous outcome. I felt so energised as if my brain got awakened. I would recommend everyone to do this 2- day brain program once in life.
Arshad Chaudhary
Yoga and Fitness Trainer
I took healing session with Mridula Mam. Am so happy in one session itself so many emotional issues got resolved and I felt so light as if huge rock has been removed from my heart & shoulder. I could also see so much of light as we were in healing session. Mridula Mam is a God sent angel on earth. She gives such nice advice and really genuinely help people. I am so grateful for this powerful healing.
Software Developer
I had an amazing session with Mridula and my whole experience was magical. We were able to heal many health & emotional issues. Mridula has very deeper understandings of spiritual world and has a very unique and powerful way of commanding the Energies to work in her way. Issues which were troubling me for as long as 21-22 years got resolved in minutes as if some cosmic magic was working. The pain & heaviness in my back & spine that was sitting for 20 years vanished & disappeared like a vapour leaving my body. All in all , I came back a healed, happier, joyful and a more awared person. Thankyou Mridula for showing me the light. Honour to you and honour to the work that you are doing with great endeavour to heal the world. May all are healed, may healer stay healed, may world shines in your brightness - is my prayer for you. Amen 🙏💖 हस्ते हस्ते ये सफर सुहाना खिल जाएगा, तेरा हाथ थाम कर हर कोई तर जाएगा, अपना जमीर तो जान ले, ये जहान हसीन होगा, तेरी मशाल ही रोशनी देगी जब आसमान सोया होगा 🎉💖
Rajni Sharma
AWESOME! Can open a world of new possibilities. Experience it to believe it!! I feel so positive and energetic in just 2 days, I feel so motivated to turn my life around and I've not felt this way for a long time. This brain workshop was totally worth it!!!
Astha Chandra
Astha Chandra
HR Professional with an MNC
Amazing experience, I got to know about so many new things and I could completely agree to whatever Mridula said.
Dr. Yogesh Goel
A very nice and different workshop, we all take our mind so for granted, I learnt here to respect and take care of my mind, myself and my being.
Prakash Chandra
The truth is after doing this course my trust on the universe increased. I feel so supported & satisfied as if universe is backing me at every step. I can now easily believe that whatever has happened and is happening and whatever will happen in my life will be for my highest best- as Mridula Ma'am taught us in the class with so many amazing examples which were very relatable.
Sachin Mittal
Sachin Mittal
My mind is feeling very relaxed after this mind workshop. I feel like I have started sleeping so well for the first time in my life. I am also very happy and feel so very energetic; learnt doing meditation wonderfully that I think is a lifetime gift.Its very necessary to remove stress from today's life. Everyone should attend this workshop once in life.I have really enjoyed the benefits of this workshop.
Komal Khurana
Komal Khurana
Manager with an IT company, New Delhi
Since after the very first day of the YOLO class I felt so much more energized. I sleep much better than before, wake up early now, & feel bright in the morning. My memory has become much sharper & stronger. It is such a miracle that I am able to identify colors, numbers, text with closed eyes; ​it is sort of preparing me to visualize my goals better. The experience of the workshop has been both firm and relaxing and also helped me remove all negative thoughts or hatred I had against anyone. This experience has left me feeling more confident about myself and has helped me look forward to the many challenges that are yet to come my way; I am sure, now, I can pass through them with ease.
Vanca Borah
Vanca Borah
Class 12th Student
It was a life changing experience. Very new experience. At 55 yrs of age with grown up children, I was amazed to do the blindfold activities with my eyes closed. ​It was experience beyond my expectation. Mridula not only trained my mind but also took us through awesome techiques of prayer, meditation, goal setting and manifesting. In fact I requested her to write some specific daily prayers for me as I felt so energized. ​I want to learn more and get more understanding. ​'To love myself, respect myself, accept myself' was a unique concept and experience that I really loved.
Manju Gupta
Manju Gupta
Support Family Business/ Homemaker
Doing this course is a life long experience. Wish it could go on and on. I am motivated and will follow the tools ​ & methods taught in my life regularly. A major change I have observed in myself is now ​I am always happy ​no matter what the situation is.
Abhinav Swaroop
Abhinav Swaroop
I feel really relaxed and calm after attending the workshop. I am a really agressive and hyperactive person by nature but this workshop has helped calm my mind through its interactive meditation sessions. My reflexes have also been enhanced because of the various visual and mental activities conducted during the workshop. The telepathy session was the highlight of the workshop for me. ​ ​Am amazed at the miraculous way I could read minds of other participants.
Prateek Yadav
Prateek Yadav
Found the workshop very enlightening. Would definitely like to recommend it to adults. It has started improving my mind already as I feel energetic and mentally very awake & alert.
Abhijit Koley
Abhijit Koley
Service - IT Sector
Hi I am Saloni. I am already selected in State Level Civil Services Exams but giving a try to IAS mains once again. I want to share my experience so that most of you, preparing for any exam like me, can come over here and get rid of all those things where I was facing problems. Memory, was becoming problem for me, I can't even explain, if I was reading a chapter, in just 15 minutes it was getting vanished, probably because I was over working my brain. To confess I started thinking of seeing a mental health doctor. As I got to know of Midbrain activation- 2 day workshop of Yolo Lights, I made up my mind to do something for myself and joined them.
I honestly feel so blessed that i joined it. I am so happy that i don't have words. A lot of changes have instantly shown up in my life - like DISCIPLINE, waking up on time (my mental alarm rings now and I sometimes hear a voice saying Saloni - your dreams are waiting for you, wakeup), PLEASANT MORNINGS, and THANKFUL BEHAVIOUR. The best part is now I get very strong INTUITIONS which are always correct and very helpful.
I have became very thankful, i did not used to thank anybody earlier but now I feel thanking everyone including the person sweeping or cleaning, even if we are paying him/her. I feel so HAPPY inside me all the time, this is ALL because of the WORKSHOP. I am sure my Midbrain had got activated on the second day of workshop as I could see colors, smell, touch, feel & hear with my closed eyes blindfolded.
Apart from above, I have started BELIEVING IN MYSELF, my SPEED OF READING & WRITING has improved tremendously, controlling my EMOTIONS was so difficult earlier, I used to cry even on reading a sad story but now AMAZINGLY I look at things in perspective as if am WATCHING over my OWN SELF from a distance. I am THOROUGHLY HAPPY.
I suggest to all of you to COME HERE atleast once. Experience it, MEET MRIDULA; let me describe what this lovely TRAINER is - I have deciphered her name like this - MRIDULA stands for
D - DOCTOR (yes, believe me she is one as she has actually healed me),
U - UMBLICAL (I tell you she is inseparable, you meet her once you would want to meet again & again),
I would recommend her because she has enlightened me and gave my life a new meaning. In fact on a lighter vein I was coaxing her to let me with her 24*7 for 10 days, to enable me get that rub off effect. All I can say, in all my excitement, is you do come once to attend this Yolo Workshop. It will change your life.

Click here to watch the video to hear her for more
Selected in IAS
My mind has become really relaxed and calm. It was very amazing that I could identify colors with closed eyes and exhibit telepathy on the second day itself, after two days of the ADULT MIDBRAIN WORKSHOP. Am so excited and feel so energetic. I am already into Yoga and now I can concentrate & meditate much better than before.
Mayank Verma
Mayank Verma
Enterpreneur, Own Logistics Business
The workshop of brain activation was amazing. My brain got activated after the first session it self. I felt the environment of the workshop was full of love and joy.
Bhowmik Dham
In this 2 day workshop I experienced and learnt how I can tune my mind to do things, this sounds unimaginable at first but it is true and can happen in reality. I realized that it was me, myself who limited my capabilities to think and act. So, the biggest challenge to handle is we, our own self. This is one of the realization that I have had in the Mid-Brain Workshop and there are plenty others. I believe that if in just 2 days this brain education can help me realize a dozen of things that I never even gave attention to, then afterwards I will be doing wonders in my life. Because once we know what the issues and blockages are, we have the power to change it and with all the techniques and tool that Mridula taught, this process of change is going to be super easy!
Nipun Khurana
Startup Specialist
There is a big difference in me when I had come the first day and when I'm going back home. I feel so much more relaxed, I've gotten rid of all the worry and tension. I'm able to practice Visualisation which I feel is an amazing thing and will help me to turn my life around. And I'd specifically like to thank Mridula for making me realize the potential within me.
SP. Education and Corporate Trainer
Very great experience. I was able to identify the colours blindfolded and I feel so great about it. Over all everything was superb about the adult brain activation program.
Ish Bali
Creative Head
I'm feeling very good, very light and relaxed. I'll always remember this 2 Day Workshop and whatever I've learnt here. I'll definitely apple it all in my life. I can see the potential in myself to take charge of my own life and I know I can do it. I feel so motivated.
Nitesh Goyal
Business Man
The 2 Day Workshop for Adult Brain Activation was very nice. My concentration power has immensely gotten better. Visualization abilities have increased. And I feel these were the happiest 2 days I've had in a while.
Piyush Garg
Nursing Job
I feel great and happy. I was surprised that I could identify colours and I'm sure it is going to help me do wonders in my life. Thank you so much for such beautiful and life long learning experience.
Prachi Agarwal
These 2 days have been a real experience, something that I know will impact my whole life in a miraculous way.
Kuldeep Lamba
Business Man
A personal letter to Mridula Ma'am- Respected Ma'am, I was too much busy in my daily routine life, that I could not get time to spend on myself, when I attended the 2 days session, I felt lightness, felt happiness, and increment in my confidence. These 2 days classes provided me path to achieve my goals. Thanks. I want to attend more such classes and courses which your are providing. I need your blessings. Thanka, Manisha
Dr. Manisha Jian
I've attained clarity of thoughts and I feel much more positive, my thoughts are good and I feel calm and relaxed.
Vijendra Kapur
Business Man
I feel easiness in my attitude. In the morning yesterday I was much worried for my younger son, but today I am not. There is no tension, no worries or regrets. I feel much calmer and I even have the exact ideas to how to deal with the situation. So I would say there is relief of stress and clarity of thoughts. My mind is filled with positive energy. I feel I will be more focused now, on myself, my life and my goals other than worrying more about the world.
Alka Kirtania
Home maker
In this 2 day course I came to know about many new and interesting things such as my spiritual self and body, the sub-conscious mind. Mridula ma'am helped me heal my this life and even past life wounds that were a hindrance in me moving ahead in my life. She also helped me clear all the negativity and negative entities/spirits that I could see around me during the deep meditative state that were feeding upon my energies. My mind feels a lot lighter and relaxed after the workshop. These 2 days gave me a new direction and a new way to be happy and live life. Mridula ma'am has helped me improve my confidence a lot, she is a true motivator. I am so thankful that I attend the session with her.
Kumar Saksham
I have a better control over my mind, there are less flickering thoughts and I can concentrate better now after 2 days of the workshop and different meditations that Mridula took me through. And I have had much better and deep sleep after the 1st day of workshop, which I did not have in a while because of stress. But now I feel much calm and positive.
Aman Jain
Sales Person
I feel deeply relaxed and feel more clarity.
Abhishek Jain
Management Consultant
The whole experience of 2 days adult brain education workshop was wonderful. I t has helped me gain control over my stress and anger really fast and in a very very effective way. My concentration power has also improved and my restlessness has literally disappeared.
Deepak Kumar
IT Professional
There is a drastic change after this course. Now I can do telepathy which is reading other peoples thoughts. I can blindfold myself and identify the colours and read the texts. I also had a very relaxed, deep sleep after the first day of course itself. I feel really different as I have developed this skill for lifetime and I also feel really confident in myself.
Kinshuk Gupta
Amazing efforts and superb workshop. This is like a service to mankind, to make life better and to make the world a better place.
IT Sector
These 2 days were very interactive and knowledgeable. I feel relaxed. This workshop was a total stress buster because of all the activities that we do in the course. Also my brain has been fully activated as I could do telepathy and colour identification with my eyes closed.
Business Woman
I learnt several new things in the workshop- about existence of different planes in the Universe, about different Chakras in our being and much more.

Click here to watch Rajan P. Patel speak about his experience
Rajan P. Patel
Textile Modeling
Very nice workshop. Amazing experience and very knowledgeable class.
Anant M. Sawant
Excellent!! Very new concept of Pineal Gland Activation and Brain Balancing. I'm amazed with the results.
Rajesh L. Jadhan
I am slide content. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.aSuperb 2 Day Workshop. .y mind is far calmer and much organised as compared to when I had come the first day. This course is very helpful it helped me overcome my anger issues. I feel much lighter now and at peace.
Dhruv Goswamy
Wonderful Workshop. Great experience and I gained a lot of new things at the YOLO center.
Madhu Bala
An amazing experience. I'm a student and I was quite hesitant to come but when I came to the Workshop, it just felt like home. Mridula Ma'am and other trainers were very friendly and understanding. I could freely talk about my issues and I did seek solutions for them too as Mridula Ma'am guided us into the Meditations.
Anishka Chandra
It was really nice and great to be a part of 2 Day Workshop. It helps to understand you better and forecast with yourself. After attending the workshop I started thinking positive about myself and enhanced my inner vision. I'm feeling really great after mid-brain activation and now I can read and identify colours blindfolded, with my eyes close, which was beyond imagination but now has come true.
Deepak Garg
Awesome experience of the 2 Day Workshop. Learnt and enjoyed alot. I started recognising colours within 48 hours of the workshop with my eyes closed. Feeling very light. Mridula ji is very cooperative and very talented in her field and work. I feel that I've gained alot from this workshop that I plan to cherish life long.
Rajiv Gupta
This was a very satisfying workshop in a very comfortable environment. It was a nice experience learning more about yourself and the spiritual world. Also I really enjoyed with the co-participants and developed the most I could.
Mudit Jain
This workshop was an amazing experience. My mind is much relaxed and I feel a lot better as compared to when I came the first day for the course.
I loved being a part of this wonderful program and I'm looking forward for developing myself with whatever I've learnt.
Saurabh Khanna
Business Man
Looking forward to new discoveries with Mid-Brain
Business Woman
The adult brain activation program is superb and was conducted in a very detailed pattern.
R. Peddi Raju
Software Engineer
Felt very calm and relaxed after the meditation session that Mridula guided us through in the Brain Activation Workshop.
Anmol Grover
Business Man
It was excellent being a part of this program. My brain already seems calm and clear.
Dharamjeet Singh
I am very happy and excited after the Mid-Brain Workshop. I can say that now I can feel colours and sensations around me. I am really glad after the successful session of Telepathy that I could do.
Amitabh Kumar Singh
Awesome!!! I'm thankful to Mridula Ma'am for this fantastic 2-Day Workshop or Brain Activation. This was a different kind of therapy, which I've never gone through. Even Mridula Ma'am, my mentor was very cooperative and encouraging. I know my mind is fully activated now and I'm very happy!!
Navneet Jain
Stock Broker
It was a very nice and unique experience. I'm glad that I came here. I really want to change myself and succeed in life. I'm thankful to Mridula Ma'am that she show me the path to my dreams.
Sanyogita Choudhary
Home Maker
All the way from Gujrat, I came to Delhi to activate my midbrain. During the 2 days of the workshop, I felt very excited to learn all the unbelievable things which I did not even think were possible, especially for adults. I am 55 years and so I was in doubt. But this course has proved to be very good and I feel extremely positive and motivated after the 2 days and I am looking forward to figure out more changes in me and my being.
Sanjay Kalaskar
I had come to Mridula Ma'am as I wanted to develop an insight into my inner self. Here during the course of 2 days for brain education workshop, she took us through several meditation and healing sessions that she was channeling from higher planes and she guided us through them. A lot of my issues in personal life came up to the surface which I did not even know existed. Mridula Ma'am even offered to resolve my issues in personal one-on-one sessions. I am super glad for her gesture as this was not even the part of the 2 day course but she genuinely cares for all her participants and students and wants to help them resolve issues. I am blessed to be able to attend this workshop. Immeasurable gratitude and love!!!
Akriti Akhauri
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