Conversations with Lord Buddha

Conversations with Lord Buddha

Conversations with Lord Buddha

I talk to him like a mentor to seek his knowledge, I feel my soul knew it all but over time layers of ignorance have settled upon it, hence His Light clears that ignorance & reminds me of that what I have forgotten.
It goes same here, until now it had gone into handwritten diaries (earlier I wasn’t even writing, was just listening).

For the first time putting together the latest conversation in typo. If you are reading it, it has something for you to take away from it personally.
Love & Gratitude !!!

April 18, 2020

What do we need to understand about love, Lord Buddha please connect with me and advise me on Love.
You know what love is; you very well know what love is !!

I want to know your perspective of  love
Because you are so knowledgeable and therefore must be having huge knowledgeable perspectives.

Love has nothing to do with knowledge. It just is. Your smile is love, everybody’s smile is love. Love is just a journey of energy from your heart to your lips that bursts into smile. People looking at each other and smiling, is love. People looking at themselves & admiring, is love. People looking at nature, forests, oceans, flowers, birds, known, unknown; is love. Love is very-very simple. People think it is some complicated concept. But there is no concept no thinking. It just is ripple of energy traveling from heart to smile and from smiles to eyes.

So should love be expressed or it shouldn’t be expressed at all?
There is no should or shouldn’t around love. The moment you say these words, you bind love, you suffocate it.

And what do you say about self-love?

Self-love is when you smile to yourself, when your heart creates oodles of ripples to your lips and you look into your eyes and you see smile, that is self-love. When you are smiling to yourself, you love yourself.

Lord Buddha you left your people and family, life and luxuries. So many of your followers think this is the way.
I left me house and luxuries because I was human and was trying to understand my life purpose – fumbling, doubting, finding my way out as I was human as anybody of you are. I never said do as I did in my lifetime. I never tell my followers to leave everything and follow me. And where did I say that my life as a human was ideal and I was setting an example for all of you. Yes, what I did;  brought in a lot of light to the planet and that light has to be tapped in, sought after, understood and reached out to.Follow that light and not the role that I played in that life.

Remember, I showed you the scene of your life where you were burning your bodies at the bank of a river. As a group you all were thinking that you are pleasing me and seeking knowledge after burning your bodies and its desires. You all got me wrong. This body is your book read it … read it like a book to seek that light that you are seeking; reading this book of utmost importance.

Time and again we had been telling you that you are spiritual beings and you have come to earth to have human experiences, which is only possible through body.What you all are seeking, you already are that and here comes your answer of how to express, experience and understand love – through your lips (smiles), through your eyes, through your hearts, this is the way to love others and self.

April 19, 2020

Why do people repeat patterns? That what you want gets away, that what you don’t want pursues and many times these patterns repeat.

You know it all; why patterns repeat and how energies play. Now what are you asking?

Anything that I don’t know?

Patterns of pain repeat and you all notice them. But do you notice patterns of joy also repeat?

Most people are too busy pointing out those things that hurt but I have told you earlier in fact I had put you through good 10 days of seclusion (he talking about Vipasanna where one also observes maun – (silence fast) to understand that nothing is permanent. Start focusing on patterns that you like and focus some more, create conscious joy around it, create conscious acknowledgement of it and you will see those patterns repeating.

People situations, stuff happening around is absolute ripple effect of what is happening in each cell of your body.

And why at all repeating painful patterns are any cause of concern?

Where is you equanimity?

Haven’t you been taught all of this?

What you think is un-required and un-called for is what was the priority of your being. Nothing is happening in your lives without any purpose.

What you need to know others also need to know.

Buddha what is your opinion about Marriage?

We are not bothered about your all relationships. You married, not married, what you decide to do is not our concern. Our concern is if you are achieving what you have been sent for.

Sadly, you all don’t quite balance life.
You all do excellently well when single, the moment someone comes in your space, you get distracted and some start feeling that it’s coz of the other person that you are not able to spend quality time with yourself. Many of the spiritual healers and people remain single. They either want to choose THIS or THAT.Because firstly you all are not balanced, secondly you all are not centered.
I ask you all – What is so difficult to have a marital life & strong spiritual life, fulfilled happy balanced simultaneously?

The other angle to this is, you are very habitual. If marriage is going well, lukewarm, Ok, good…you don’t even spread your mental horizon to look beyond. And then divorces, separations & triggers happen to put you on your path. When you get the spanking of pain, confusion, hurt, anger, stress then you start looking inwards …soulward.

Its very strange that very few people on earth are simultaneously genuinely happy with their marriages and connected to light.

It could be very powerful mass belief stemming from history plane or ancestoral plane that spirituality and marriage cannot go together. Many of you are still fumbling with the belief that spirituality & money don’t go together.

In fact, time and again it is repeated that you are in human experience on earth and you already are spiritual beings.

In fact, Spiritual beings should necessarily get married because then you have a partner to experiment your spirituality with. Remember the essence is same in both of you.
Did someone once said to you – “You are only a good meditator when you are able to meditate and maintain that calm amidst chaos…an example was given – stand in the middle of New Delhi Railway Station and meditate…if you are not able to do so you need to work more upon yourself.”

Same goes with marriage and it is very important message because many many spiritual people are on the path of aloofness. You were not sent to earth for aloofness.

So, what is the solution?

Solution you all know very well. Has someone ever told you attain victory over the most dreaded fear and you become a master; living over it and beyond it. Be champions. Embrace this beautiful balanced life. And to remind you all this the energy of Buddha speaking whom you questioned about my life on earth. Hope you understood what I am implying.

Love You!

Love you too dear Buddha… Thank You !!

Om Mani Padme Hum ‘