Balance Your Life by Letting Go of the Toxicity

Letting Go

Balance Your Life by Letting Go of the Toxicity

Let go of things that you can’t change, and hold on to the ones that are worth living for.

We often tend to be stuck at people, things, situations, just because we were/are attached or we were/are a part of it. But, clinging or sticking around something or someone won’t help, it won’t change any of it which has already gone too far out of your control. Letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring about things, it means you have stopped forcing something into your as well as the life of others, when things aren’t going the way they should be.

Sometimes things need to be let go of, if it’s meant to be it will happen again, when the time is right. My grandmother used to tell me a story when I used to cry/crib about my broken toys and lost things, as a kid. She used to tell me that- being an innocent, little child, you deliberately hold on to your broken toys, because it is your favorite. While God is wanting to gift you a big giant teddy bear, and you’re unwilling to accept it for your broken toy.

Sometimes letting go means opening the gateways of new ventures, better things, better people, better opportunities, better life, and all the good things that you’re unwilling to accept, for your broken toys. Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength, but I think if something is really, heavenly meant for you, you’ll never need to hold on to it, it’ll just be there with you, for you, and the need for letting go of it, would not even arrive at your door.

It is high time that we see and seek for the sign of what is meant for us and accept completely and fully, what we have right now, let go of whatever we had in the past, and have faith and acceptance for what is to come our way. Because sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go, and when the damage done, it becomes very difficult to recover from it all.

Holding on to something just because it has your time, love and efforts invested, would not take you any further but it’ll just consume you completely. So, you need to let go of all the attachments and set yourself free. Today is your day to let go of all that doesn’t serve you good.

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