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“Kuch toh log kahenge; Logo ka kaam hai kehna..” this is literally my favorite line of the song. As we grow up we see, hear and even feel tons of criticism, tons of faulty things, either about others or about ourselves.

The major mistake that we often tend to make is that we start reacting to that criticism, if not openly in public, then privately. We take the faulty things and that criticism to our hearts and we start to work, we work harder to prove ourselves, and we try to prove ourselves, to the people who criticize us, we try to tell them that we are good and that we are better than what they think of us, we try to tell them that we could do anything. We thrive to make and prove the those people wrong, who criticized us.

I’ll tell you one thing- anyone who criticizes any other fellow being for any particular thing, is himself/herself having that issue, that fault & that phase in his/her life, that he/she has been criticizing others for. And it is them who need to work and work harder to improve themselves and not you, because you are absolutely fine and you have been doing really great all this while and all these years. They have be criticizing everyone around, just so that they could avoid and ignore the faults that lay with in them, the issues that they are facing, the phases of life that they are going through and the sufferings they have been experiencing. But it is not their fault, entirely, they too are victims, they are ‘victims of victims’. They act as per what they have been seeing and experiencing for whole of their lives, and they have got it all from the people, who have been acting as per what they have seen and experienced for whole of their lives. You see it is a never ending chain.

But I feel, in the battle of other people, who are intending to grow, evolve or trying to fight their own devils and demons, it is actually not very wise to lose yourself, for them. So for you, I need you to know and to genuinely believe that you were born perfect and that you are perfect, you were born with a purpose to fulfill in life, and if you go on proving yourself to people, that are not even content with their own self, you’ll just waste your time and your life.

Just stop wearing the pressure of proving yourself to anyone because you have a different purpose to fulfill, for which you have been sent on this planet, and your reason or purpose could definitely be different from that of others. So you do not have to attend and react to what people think about you or say about you because this stops at nowhere, there is always more to prove and eventually you will forget who you actually are in this crazy process of proving yourself to other people. ❤️

Just stop for a while. Stop pushing and proving and wishing that people would see you the way, you think, you need to be seen, to succeed. Instead, let them see you for what you actually are. Once you stop proving yourself, you can be yourself !!! ❤️

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