Neuro Linguistic Programming Applied

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology to understand and change human behaviour patterns, these patterns are otherwise known as programmes.

Neuro – is about Nervous system through which experience is received and processed through the five senses. The study of the mind & brain – in particular how we think about things & how we process information, how we experience and represent the world through our five senses and neurological processes.

Linguistic –  is about Language and nonverbal communication systems through which neural representations are coded, ordered, and given meaning. Language skills – are to know how we use language to communicate & how other people’s use of language affects us. The way we use language shapes and reflects our experience of the world

Programming – is about the ability to organize our communication and neurological systems to achieve specific desired goals and results. How we plan to react and how we organize and store our ideas and actions, training ourselves to think, speak and act in new and positive ways, in order to reach our maximum potential

How does NLP help in your daily life?

NLP is a technique oriented science with very sound theoretical background and over 5 decades of proven results. It helps in strengthening relations, building career, self-development, healing self & others, improving sales, teaching & training, spiritual growth.

NLP for Relations Building
NLP has specific techniques for : Rapport development, developing understanding, viewing things from others point of view, Removing unwanted emotions, Removing negative feelings,  Building network.

NLP for Career
NLP has specific techniques to help you choose your career as per your acumen & strengths, how to learn things quickly, how to develop dynamic memory, how to come out of past failures, removing exam fears, how to be emotionally strong, to develop Meta skills.

NLP for Self-Development
NLP has specific techniques for holistic development, developing high self-esteem, developing confidence, getting rid of bad habits, developing positive attitude, how to remove inhibitions, role modelling someone who you admire, removing gullibility, overcoming procrastination

NLP for Healing
NLP has specific techniques for balancing your two sides of the brain, managing stress, relaxing, often coming out of depression & trauma, removal of guilt, accelerated healing & recovery, pain control, healing an allergy, all psycho somatic disorders.

NLP for Teaching / Training
NLP has specific techniques for removing stage fears, powerful presentation skills, powerful communication techniques, having rapport with audience, managing stress, stage anchoring, using powerful embedded commands using words which bypass the left brain.

NLP for Sales Personnel
NLP gives specific techniques for understanding customer’s needs using magical words to influence the sub-conscious of the client, understanding buying strategy, calibrating a client using metaphors, how to handle objections, how to close a sale


The Methodology of NLP:

This methodology developed from studying, and understanding the connection of how the nerve communication network in our body (NEURO), is connected and reflected in the language; we use (LINGUISTIC) and how this affects the way we behave (PROGRAMMING)

When we understand the process of HOW we do something we can REPEAT that process to achieve the same result or CHANGE the process (or even just a part of the process) to achieve a different result.

Repeating the process of how someone does something is known as modeling. Changing the process of how someone does something is known as creating behaviour change.

Where did NLP originate?

Richard Bandler & John Grinder;  in the 1970’s two men (the co-creators of NLP) became curious as to how some highly successful therapists were able to consistently achieve that success. They wanted to find out HOW they were achieving their successes rather than WHY they were doing what they did.

They and their research team spent time deconstructing how people such as Virginia Satir, Milton Erikson and Fritz Perls achieved their consistent success with their clients. What they identified was:

  • The words they used
  • What questions they asked
  • Changes in voice tone
  • Changes is body posture and physiology
  • What they listened out for when talking to someone
  • How they structured their language.

Through this work and subsequent work of many others, the methodology of NLP developed. These can be broken down into different models and topics such as:

  • Meta Model
  • Milton Model
  • Meta Programmes
  • Anchoring
  • Strategies
  • State

Today NLP techniques are used in different areas such as Therapy, Health, Education and Sports.

In business these techniques are used for:

  • Coaching
  • Information gathering
  • Motivating others
  • Influencing and persuading
  • Advertising
  • Indentifying success strategies
  • Developing others

The best way to become skillful at using NLP tools and techniques is to attend NLP trainings and experience for yourself the amazing results this powerful methodology achieves, when used skillfully.

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